About Us

Stunning Chapter develops and rehabilitates property with quality design and character, aiming to set the standard for the contemporary urban paradigm of living in a city centre. It started as a joint venture from two friends with a strong passion for travelling, and that as a result of numerous trips around the world have experienced accommodation in a diversity of architecture concepts in different cultural settings.

This passion ultimately led us to launch our own startup in Porto (Portugal) back in 2016 in collaboration with prominent, like-minded architects. We carefully select neglected, period, centrally located properties and raise them into the 21th century with clear, well defined elements that respect their heritage and neighbourhood, but introduce a modern and unpretentious twist.

Stunning Chapter provides its customers the opportunity to acquire (Stunning Homes) or rent (Stunning Rooms) the properties that we proudly craft with our team. We want our customers to experience the sensations that we have experienced ourselves: the stimulating feeling of sleeping in a brand new place; the feeling of geometry and arrangement of space; the feeling of staying in a place that echoes the history of the region and its people.

Why Choose Us

We are passionate. We like to embrace new projects because we see it as an important part of our personal growth but also as a lifestyle. We take each project as a challenge and we take pleasure from the process. We address each building as if it was our own.

We are adventurous. We want to see the world, experience different cultures, make memories that will last a lifetime. And we want to share those experiences with you. But we are also open minded, we understand that our personal experiences are not universal and we are willing to expand our perspective of the world. We are looking forward for you to share your experiences with us.

We are educated and we are motivated. We grew in a competitive world, we developed a broad set of skills and we are used to working hard for our goals. Our education and daily experience has an intense focus on working in collaboration with different people from different backgrounds to achieve success and therefore we are used to addressing problems in an effective manner.

We are ambitious. But we are also achievers because we are willing to get ourselves there. We are absolutely confident that we will get you a stunning product with stunning quality.