Brito Capelo, Porto

The property

2018 | Loft | 148 m2 | Sold

The former garage is located within Porto city centre and will be renovated to become a house, a shop, an office or a gallery space.

The proposed intervention is very minimal, a curved wall is inserted to solve the existing spatial inconsistencies and create one continuous ‘room’ connecting the street side with the backyard. The project is comprised of two kinds of spaces separated by the free curve: the main living area and the set of smaller programs behind the wall that include a possible bedroom, a bathroom and a storage.

The street facade is merely a big window that is replaced with a thinner green frame and a black marble circle marking the entrance and addressing the city. The back facade is rebuilt, and it’s a composition of a big sliding window, a column, and one more marble circle. The backyard has a seamless perimeter of white walls, a terrace and a garden.

The materiality of the project is light and abstract. The space is defined through the geometry of the floor pattern and a number of carefully placed elements. The white-blue triangulated pattern follows the curved wall, allowing the living area to acquire a certain unity and coherence. Then the kitchen counter, the three green doors, the circle window, and the concrete column give the space a certain complexity.


Loft, Ground - 148 m2

Garden, Ground - 90 m2





Parking Space

Storage Rooms

Private Gardens

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