Roque da Silveira, Vila Real

The property

2019 | T0 x 6 | 125 m2 | Rental

The three levelled building occupies a very narrow irregular plot in the historic center of Vila Real. The width of the building varies from 2.8 to 2.1 meters. The brief requested the transformation of the house into a series of studio apartments. The renovation suggested the demolition of everything except the front facade and two side walls, replacing the staircase and inserting four levels at the back of the building. Each level has a repeated plan suggesting the same program distribution: two apartments per level, the staircase in the middle with bathrooms attached to it. The living area is facing the street or the garden and is accessed via a small corridor.

The living room of every apartment is the main space of the project. Its rigid regularity is opposed to the kinked geometry of the plot limit. Each room has a modular perimeter and is enclosed by plywood panels. Everything is concealed behind openable modules, in the space between the walls of the existing building and the line of panels. Some panels are just doors, while others incorporate kitchen and storage spaces depending on the depth available. A slight difference of two tones makes the distinction between panels more visible and creates a gentle striped pattern.

While the street facade is simply repainted in white, the back facade is rebuild forming a tall narrow surface divided in four vertical parts corresponding with the logic of the plan. Thin gold lines of brass are introduced to emphasise the division. The rain water pipe with the square of black marble on top and the green marble surface are creating exceptions in its system unbalancing the composition.


T0 (A), Ground -24 m2

T0 (B), 1st Floor - 24 m2

T0 (C), 1st Floor - 27 m2

T0 (D), 2nd Floor - 24 m2

T0 (E), 2nd Floor - 26 m2

Floor Plan:


Private Garden

Shared Laundry Room

Fully Equipped Kitchen

USB Sockets

Fixed Cabinetry

Air Conditioner



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